Divine Mercy Sunday [A]

Divine Mercy Sunday [A]
Acts 2:42-47  +  1 Peter 1:3-9  +  John 20:19-31
April 27, 2014

               Like oil and water, certain things just don’t mix.  As the Book of Ecclesiastes tells us, there is a time for everything:  a time to be born, and a time to die [Eccl 3:2].  On the one hand, Sunday is the day each week for celebrating the Lord’s Resurrection from the dead.  On the other hand, Monday is the day each week when we feel like we need to rise from the dead.  But more importantly, Monday is the day we start the new week, with all the cares of our worldly lives.

Easter Saturday - April 26

Saturday in the Octave of Easter
Acts 4:13-21  +  Mark 16:9-15
April 26, 2014

               Throughout Mary’s life, humility marked her approach to her Lord.  Humility is not a virtue that one can ever spiritually outgrow.  Whatever graces God gives us, they are given for the unfolding of His plan, which often remains to us a mystery.  Even as we apply these graces in our lives, we must do so with humility, as day by day, another aspect of the mystery of our vocation is shown to us…

Easter Friday - April 25

Friday in the Octave of Easter
Acts 4:1-12  +  John 21:1-14
April 25, 2014

               Why would the disciples “dare” to ask Jesus “Who are you?” if they realized who He was?  The wording of this verse suggests some unresolved ambiguity.  While the miracle of catching 153 fish convinced them who He was, there was still some reason for them to ask His identity.  His miracle convinced them, but His appearance did not.

Easter Thursday - April 24

Thursday in the Octave of Easter
Acts 3:11-26  +  Luke 24:35-48
April 24, 2014
               It is only in the breaking of the bread that the disciples come to know Jesus, and it is only in the breaking of the bread that they become more than disciples.  Only in the Eucharist can we share fully in the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, and fully become members of Christ’s Body.  This is the goal of our lives as Christians:  not merely to learn about Jesus, but to become one with Him.

Easter Wednesday - April 23

Wednesday in the Octave of Easter
Acts 3:1-10  +  Luke 24:13-25
April 23, 2014

               Easter Monday we heard the chief priests and the elders respond to the Resurrection by covering their tracks with lies.  Yesterday, we heard Mary Magdalen respond to Our Risen Lord when He called her by her name.  She cried out, “Teacher!”  And yet we are called to recognize in Christ much more than simply a teacher.

The parish I serve

<b>The parish I serve</b>
St. Mark the Evangelist Parish in Colwich, Kansas (Diocese of Wichita)